Kremlin, Russia

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5-Day Kremlin Expedition: Unveiling the Heart of Russia

Tour Overview: Embark on a captivating journey through Russia’s rich history and cultural heritage with our exclusive 5-day Kremlin Expedition. Unveil the mysteries of the iconic Kremlin in Moscow, from its historic walls to the treasures within. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Russian architecture, art, and traditions. This tour promises an unforgettable experience, blending the past and present of this fascinating nation.

Embark on a 5-day odyssey through the beating heart of Russia – the Kremlin. This exclusive expedition invites you to unravel the secrets held within the historic walls, to witness the opulence of the Armory Chamber and the brilliance of the State Diamond Fund. From the grandeur of Cathedral Square to the vibrant energy of Red Square, each day promises a new chapter in Russia’s captivating story. Join us on the Kremlin Expedition and immerse yourself in the unparalleled richness of Russian history and culture.

5 days

18+ Age

Kremlin, Russia

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Day 1: Arrival in Moscow
  • Transfer from the airport to a centrally located hotel.
  • Evening welcome dinner featuring traditional Russian cuisine.
Day 2: Kremlin Grounds and Armory Chamber
  • Guided tour of the Kremlin grounds, exploring iconic sites such as the Cathedral Square and Tsar Bell.
  • Visit the Armory Chamber, home to an impressive collection of royal regalia, Fabergé eggs, and historic artifacts.
Day 3: Treasures of the State Diamond Fund
  • Explore the State Diamond Fund, housing Russia’s crown jewels, including the famous Imperial Crown.
  • Afternoon stroll in Alexander Garden and visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • Evening at leisure to explore Moscow’s vibrant nightlife.
Day 4: Moscow City Tour and Red Square
  • Panoramic city tour highlighting landmarks like St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Bolshoi Theatre.
  • Visit Red Square, home to Lenin’s Mausoleum and the iconic GUM department store.
  • Optional evening ballet performance at the Bolshoi Theatre.
Day 5: Moscow River Cruise and Departure
  • Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Moscow River, offering picturesque views of the city.
  • Farewell lunch at a traditional Russian restaurant.
  • Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport for your departure.

Tour Review Scores And Score Breakdown

  • Historical Marvel: “The Kremlin Expedition surpassed all expectations! The depth of history within the Kremlin walls left us in awe. The guides were knowledgeable, and the Armory Chamber was a true highlight. A must-do for history enthusiasts!”

  • Cultural Immersion: “This tour provided a perfect blend of history, art, and culture. The visit to the State Diamond Fund was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the Moscow City Tour was a great introduction to the city’s landmarks. Highly recommended!”

  • Breathtaking Views: “The Moscow River Cruise was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip. Seeing the city from the water was magical. This tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Moscow, and the organization was top-notch.”


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