The 13 Best Things to See & Do on the Oregon Coast

The 13 Best Things to See & Do on the Oregon Coast

Nestled along the stunning Pacific coastline, the Oregon Coast is a haven for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, foodies, and art lovers alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 13 best things to see and do on the Oregon Coast, highlighting the best neighborhoods for different types of travelers. From picturesque landscapes to rich cultural experiences, the Oregon Coast has something for everyone.

The Ultimate Guide: The 13 Best Things to See & Do on the Oregon Coast

1. Astoria: A Historical Gem

Begin your Oregon Coast journey in Astoria, the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. Steeped in history, Astoria is home to the iconic Astoria Column and the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Wander through the charming neighborhoods filled with Victorian homes and enjoy panoramic views of the Columbia River. The Cannery Pier Hotel offers waterfront accommodations for a historical and comfortable stay.

2. Seaside: Classic Beach Fun

For a classic beach experience, head to Seaside. This family-friendly destination boasts a beautiful promenade, a lively boardwalk, and the iconic Turnaround at the beach’s end. Families can enjoy arcades, carousel rides, and the Seaside Aquarium. The Rivertide Suites offer spacious accommodations for families, while the Inn at Seaside provides a central location for easy access to the beach and town.

3. Cannon Beach: Iconic Landscapes

Cannon Beach is famous for its iconic Haystack Rock, a monolith rising dramatically from the shoreline. Explore tide pools, stroll along the sandy shores, and take in the breathtaking scenery. The Stephanie Inn offers a luxurious beachfront retreat, while the Hallmark Resort provides family-friendly accommodations with ocean views.

4. Manzanita: Tranquil Retreat

For a more secluded and tranquil experience, head south to Manzanita. This small town exudes a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway. Walk along the seven-mile sandy beach, explore local art galleries, and enjoy the small-town charm. The Coast Cabins provide cozy and private accommodations, making it an ideal spot for a romantic retreat.

5. Tillamook: Culinary Delights

Tillamook is not just known for its famous cheese – it’s a culinary haven on the Oregon Coast. Visit the Tillamook Creamery for a delicious tour and tasting experience. Explore local farmers’ markets, seafood restaurants, and enjoy the freshest ingredients the coast has to offer. The Ashley Inn of Tillamook provides comfortable lodgings, making it convenient for foodie adventures.

6. Newport: Marine Exploration

Newport is a coastal city with a vibrant maritime culture. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium to discover marine life, stroll along the historic bayfront, and indulge in fresh seafood at local restaurants. The Sylvia Beach Hotel offers a unique literary-themed stay, while the Hallmark Resort in Newport provides stunning oceanfront accommodations.

7. Yachats: Coastal Serenity

Yachats, with its dramatic rocky coastline and charming village atmosphere, is perfect for those seeking coastal serenity. Explore the tide pools, hike along the jagged cliffs, and experience the quiet charm of this hidden gem. The Overleaf Lodge & Spa offers oceanfront accommodations with panoramic views, providing a peaceful retreat.

8. Florence: Dunes and Adventure

For outdoor enthusiasts, Florence is a gateway to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Take a thrilling dune buggy ride, go hiking in the Siuslaw National Forest, and explore the historic Old Town district. The Driftwood Shores Resort & Conference Center offers beachfront accommodations, making it an excellent base for outdoor adventures.

9. Bandon: Coastal Golf and Sea Stacks

Bandon is a golfer’s paradise with world-class golf courses along the rugged coastline. Enjoy the stunning sea stacks at Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint and explore the charming Old Town Bandon. The Bandon Dunes Golf Resort provides luxurious accommodations and access to top-notch golf experiences.

10. Gold Beach: River Adventure

Gold Beach, situated along the Rogue River, offers a different kind of coastal experience. Embark on a jet boat tour, go fishing, and explore the scenic wilderness. The Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge provides a luxurious and secluded stay on the banks of the river.

11. Brookings: Gardens and Sea Lions

Brookings is known for its stunning gardens, including the Harris Beach State Park and the Azalea Park Botanical Gardens. Witness sea lions at the Chetco Point Park and enjoy the coastal beauty. The Pacific Sunset Inn offers comfortable accommodations with ocean views.

12. Coos Bay: Outdoor Recreation Hub

Coos Bay is a hub for outdoor recreation, with opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and wildlife watching. Explore Shore Acres State Park and visit the historic McCullough Memorial Bridge. The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park offers a variety of accommodations, including a casino for entertainment.

13. Port Orford: Artistic Vibes

End your journey in Port Orford, a town known for its artistic community and stunning coastal views. Visit local art galleries, enjoy fresh seafood, and take in the scenery at Cape Blanco State Park. The WildSpring Guest Habitat provides a unique retreat with cabin accommodations surrounded by nature.


The Oregon Coast offers a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, or an art enthusiast, the coastal towns have something special to offer. Embrace the unique charm of each neighborhood, explore the rich history, indulge in culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the arts for an unforgettable Oregon Coast adventure.

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